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Let's Make Lunch using Scottish Produce

Scotland is known for its delicious produce. On our fertile lands we grow oats and barley. We are known for our delicious root vegetables like carrot, potatoes and turnip. If berries are your pick, we grow juicy strawberries, raspberries and brambles. For meat and poultry lovers we have Aberdeen Angus beef, venison and pheasant. If you're partial to fish and seafood Scotland has wonderful lobster, crab, scallops and salmon. #Scottishproduce

L to R: strawberries, Galloway cheddar, carrots,

oats, lobster, Aberdeen Angus beef, salmon

Let's Do Lunch

In this blog post we are going to show you some recipes that make a tasty and simple lunch using fresh Scottish produce. The recipes are easy to make with your class, then you can share the food together!

Main Course - Scotch Broth

Scotch Broth is a hearty and healthy soup which is popular in Scotland and around the world. You can make your own, buy it in a tin or eat it in a restaurant. It's a wonderful winter warmer or even a summer warmer (depending on the weather we're getting!). It's full of healthy vegetables and guaranteed to make you warm from your fingers to your toes :)

This is the Little Moose version of Scotch Broth, a yummy family recipe passed down through generations :)

Pudding - Drop Scones and Scottish Berries

Drop scones or Scotch pancakes are tasty for breakfast or as a pudding. Load them up with Scottish strawberries and raspberries, cover with butter and jam, slather in Nutella and bananas - the options are endless!


Learn More About Scottish Food

Try our Scottish food explainer video to find out lots more about delicious produce, recipes and food from Scotland.

Learn about Scottish Food with our first level digital pack.

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